Moroccan Soulfood (plant based)

As Morocco is a hot country, natural products are easier to keep. As a result, Moroccan cuisine is primarily plant-based. Dive into the world of 1001 Nights with us and learn from a Local how various oriental dishes are prepared.

Ras-el Hanout, turmeric, cumin, ginger, paprika, and pepper are among the most important spices in Moroccan cuisine. In this cooking class, learn how to combine them into a taste explosion.

There are 7 enchanting dishes on our menu list. Two kind of Moroccan tomato and cucumber salad – a variation I call Havanna salad will be prepared as a starter. Two other must-have dishes in Moroccan cuisine are Zaalouk (vegan eggplant paste) and the spinach with preserved lemon. These taste great on fresh bread.

As the main course, we get to know the versatility of the Tajine cooking pot. Vegan vegetable Tajine and tomato Tajine are on the menu. This delicious dinner is rounded off with a vegan almond pastry called Mhancha.

In this cooking class, Nour will show you all the tips and tricks to make the kitchen your favorite place. Using cooking concepts rather than exact recipes you will be able to become your own chef and cook it at home. 

Costs: 175.- incl. a jar of preserved lemon


At our event, we offer you a welcome drink, mineral water, and coffee free of charge. 

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